"One Deep Emotion Unlocks Another"

Christine from London did not know that she was Jewish. Michael's father did not want to talk about having built rockets in Nazi Germany. Men and women, oppressed by the silence of the previous generation, come together at the workshops of the Group Analytic Society, London. They come from all over the world. Their meeting place: the Soonwald, one of Germany’s largest forest areas.

By Ulla Fröhling
A colourful silk shawl, like a bunched rainbow, glows in the darkening room. Twelve women and men regard this riot of colour as it unfolds. The 13th chair is empty. The vivid fabric comes from Nepal and is a present from the friend of a friend, the friendship having long since come to an end. However, the cloth reveals an older fragment of memory: children's shoes, 54 years old. Johanna puts them into the centre of the circle. Tiny, brown, shabby, dried earth on the soles from streets in which, for a long time, no children have been playing.

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